A group with passionate pilots

The flights followed for all the companies.
Free choice of the callsign.

Open to all the systems :
 ~  X-PLANE  ~  FSX  ~  P3D  ~  FS9  ~ 

The IFR and VFR flights, online or offline of the network

Tarmac has several monitoring programs of flights

Free choice of the flights, the planes
And destinations!

A real passion for the aeronautical simulation

Walk on earth with eyes sour to the sky!


  They are subject to a rigorous selection, they must meet the following criterias:   Have earned the distinction "Tarmacien". A minimum of 10 months of experience i
  Tarmac Aero. Excellent knowledge and prolonged use of the same aircraft. Mainly perform network flights. Scrupulous respect of rules and good moral sense.
  Future assessors will be selected in this list.
~ Quentin FUSIER ~
~ TMC001 ~
~ Cédric CARRE ~
~ TMC110 ~
~ Michael BASSEY ~
~ TMC245 ~
~ Philippe JEANNY ~
~ TMC502 ~
~ Bernard FUIRET ~
~ TMC844 ~
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