A group with passionate pilots

The flights followed for all the companies.
Free choice of the callsign.

Open to all the systems :
 ~  X-PLANE  ~  FSX  ~  P3D  ~  FS9  ~ 

The IFR and VFR flights, online or offline of the network

Tarmac has several monitoring programs of flights

Free choice of the flights, the planes
And destinations!

A real passion for the aeronautical simulation

Walk on earth with eyes sour to the sky!
We are a group of enthusiasts who propose to those who wish it, a set of systems useful for the
simulation of flight
(followed by the flights and the communications).

Our pilots have of a set of useful, successful systems and use them according to their free choices. The members have at their choices a set of systems to manage the flights, generate PIREPs and memorise them. Concerning the communication, "Teamspeak", "Discord" a forum and an
"indicator of state" personalized, for every pilot.

The group TARMAC-AERO is recorded virtual Airline and partner of the division French IVAO and VatFrance
(VATSIM network), but the flight of the network is not an obligation.

Tarmac made its appearance on the Web on August 17, 2007. Our group is non-profit.

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