A group with passionate pilots

The flights followed for all the companies.
Free choice of the callsign.

Open to all the systems :
 ~  X-PLANE  ~  FSX  ~  P3D  ~  FS9  ~ 

The IFR and VFR flights, online or offline of the network

Tarmac has several monitoring programs of flights

Free choice of the flights, the planes
And destinations!

A real passion for the aeronautical simulation

Walk on earth with eyes sour to the sky!

Our concept is simple and friendly, but serious.
We ask that you be confirmed with the simulator of your choice (FS9, FSX, P3D or XPlane) pilot.
~ 1 ~ Generalities ~
Registration requirements:
- 200 hours minimum in network (IVAO or VATSIM) with at least a recent flight of a maximum of two months of seniority.
- Be older than 16 years old.
- It is requested at least 2 hours of monthly flights with the callsign TMC.

The administrators reserve the right to delete your application without any explanation:

- In the case if the Inscription Form isn't completing correctly.
- In the case if the pilot isn't corresponding to the selection criterions.
- Flights are not done with seriousness or in case of violations to the aeronautic rules.
- To postulate for staff post, it is essential to have the title of "The emeritus pilot".

We reserve the rights to delete a pilot who isn't corresponding to these criterions, disrespectful of the present rules or inactif.
~ 2 ~ Rank "Emeritus Pilot" ~
The conditions for varieties of rank "Emeritus Pilot":
- Having achieved the distinction "Tarmacien".
- A minimum of 10 months of seniority.
- Excellent knowledge and prolonged use of the same aircraft.
- Predominantly Perform network flights.
- Strict compliance with the Regulation and good moral sense.
Note that ranking "Emeritus Pilot" is needed for future directors members.
~ 3 ~ Concerning flights in networks ~
- The pilots absolutely have to respect the rules IVAO or VATSIM (according to the used network).
~ 4 ~ The utilities ~
To have a better communication between us, TARMAC propose you:
- An operational FORUM. You should post your questions and answers.
- A TEAMSPEAK 3 server. All the informations are given into the FORUM.
- A t'chat
While using this tool, we request that you:
- Speak clearly and with precision.
- Be careful to your spelling as you can
~ 5 ~ To note ~
The political, slanderous, inaccurate, excessive, vulgar, resentful words, harcelants, obscene, profane, sexually directed, threatening, disrespectful of the private life, or in violation of any international law are strictly forbidden, it on all the systems put at the disposal of the members of the group, in particular the forum, "Teamspeak" and t'chat.
Politeness, respect, courtesy and the good mood when talking with us. Your registration has value of acceptance of this rules in its entirety.

Last update: January 6, 2018.
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